Friday, 25 December 2015

Flight 43- The Christmas-Pit

Hanukkah Blessings - Barenaked Ladies
It Snowed Last Night - Meaghan Smith

Christmas is Calling - Roch Voisine
Sitting by the Fire - Sharon, Lois and Bram - Lois Lillenstein

Darkest Carols, Faithful Sing - Christopher Lee
Mistress for Christmas - AC/DC - AC*lightning bolt*DC

Grandma Got Run-Over By a Reindeer - The Irish Rovers
Christmas Night - Tyler Gilbert

Deck the Stills - BNL (I think it would be great to come out of the commercials with this)30sec
Christmas - The Who

Back Door Santa - BB King
Jack Frost and the Hooded Crow - Jethro Tull

Winter Wonderland - Scott Weiland
12 Days of Christmas - Bob and Doug McKenzie
Thank God It's Christmas - Queen

The Christmas Sweater - A Hopefully True Poem By Pilot
Christmas dawned early for Pilot that year
Stirred by the squeals of his offspring came to his ear
“I’m not getting up” he grumbled out loud
“I won’t get what I want so why even go down”

“Don’t be a grinch” The Stewardess responded
“let’s go see if the kids got what they wanted”
“Fine!” said Pilot and he stomped down the stairs
“But I’m cold and unfashionable and nobody cares!”

There in the parlour knee deep spread about
Piles of coloured paper and kids heads popping out
“Well I’m glad you’re all happy” he was heard to remark
As he turned to the kitchen to make coffee – extra dark.

When suddenly a ring at the bell caused a stir
The dogs they went crazy, the kids began to whirrr!
“Is it Baba, Red or The Navigator, WHO?”
“Let me answer the door and find out, now SHOO!”

Pilot opened the door to a confusing sight
There stood the mailman with a beard all of white
“Sign here” was his greeting as he presented a box
and before Pilot was done scribbling, he was gone like a fox

“What is it, What is it” the children did sing
“I don’t know” he replied “I’m not expecting anything”
He untied the bow and peeled back the paper
and with his trusty pocket knife he opened the container

There wrapped in gold and green tissue so tight
A Ghostbusters cardigan all red, silver and white
“Great Scott” he exclaimed “this thing is so rad!”
“Now I’ll be the very coolest Christmas Dad!”

Back up the stairs he dashed double quick
and threw on the cardigan and a red turtleneck.
And grabbing his pipe he sat down on the couch
Rubbed his fat belly and let out a big Christmas belch.

Friday, 18 December 2015

Flight 42 - The Cochrane-pit - With Special Guests Desert Island Classics and Taron Cochrane!

Victoria - Desert Island Classic
Cherry Red - Golden Smoke

Buscando da Felicidad - Las Moskas (Mexico)
Kaikoma (feat. Valentina Reptile) - Skyharbor (India)

Saskatchewan Border - The Peanut Butter Genocide
Manikewan Ocean Dream - Wizards - Saskatoon

The Howler - iamthemorning (Russia)
Anthem - Rush

Fix Me - Rah Rah
The Day We Soared - Pilot to Bombardier

Lonar - The Program (UK)

Friday, 11 December 2015

Flight 41 - Not the Reckoning

Lady Picture Show - STP
Sure Shot - Intervals (Brand spanking new last week)

Broken - Motherjane (India)
Lady On The Mountaintop - Tyler Gilbert

Dig or Seal - Laska (YQR)
Show Me Your Eyes - Royal Canoe

Come the Spring - Amorphis (Finland)
Pictures of Lily - The Who

Picture Elvis - Moist
Burn This Village To Save It - Copshades

Show of Hands - Victor Wooten
Journey to Discovery - Ioearth (UK)

Lucky Lady - Cosmic Charley
Zero Mass - Third Ion (YQR)

Friday, 4 December 2015

Flight 40 - Industry Beef

Death on Two Legs - Queen
The Sound of Muzak - Porcupine Tree

Code of the Road - Danko Jones
Blackball - Bigelf

Stage Presents - Coherency
The Critic - Five Alarm Funk

Will Drop Pants for Airplay - Nancy Vandals
Limelight - Rush

Showbiz - Muse
Just Let Me Breath - Dream Theater

Entertainaz - Fur Eel
This Note’s For You - Neil Young